Steel Series Flux In-Ear Pro Gaming Headset Are Perfect For Any Of Your Media Consumption

The Steel Series In-Ear Flux Pro Gaming Headset is one of the best in ear headsets I used in a long time. Being constructed with tangle free cable cord, 3 ear tip pieces sizes and a special memory foam tip set that shapes to your ear.  The memory foam contours to your ear making it fit perfectly when ever you put them in.

My time spent using the in ear flux pro has been implausible. I use the headset's in my daily music consumption were they give me optimal sound performance. Allowing a crisp clean sound as I hear the bass and lyrics of my favorite songs.   Voice call are through my phone were great since the quality microphone that attached to the head set allows for quality audio for the caller to hear clearly.                                                                                             

Using the headset is pretty simple for gaming. If you are using them for your PS4 you would just plug them in as you normally would any other head set and  enjoy the great audio clarity from what ever game you are playing. Know using this headset for gaming on your PC will require you to swap the cable end to the PC mic and audio ends to use the PC gaming capability.

After a fantastic experience with the Steel Series In-Ear Flux Pro Gaming Headset I have conculde that they offer the best all around audio performance for gaming and music. If you would like to by your own set click on this link to take you there. (SteelSeries)
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  1. I just purchased these headsets. Now I can't wait to use them on my ps4

  2. does the mic work when you plug it to the controller ?